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Tips to Properly Design a Bathroom to Save Space


A bathroom can have good space if it is well arranged. There are some tricks that allow you to have good furniture and save space and storage. In this post, you will find how to arrange the bathroom to gain space to move freely and use the surfaces intelligently for storage.


Whether your project is of bathroom renovation or building, take the time to lay everything flat. Bathroom is often small, but even if you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, optimize the space as it allows you to move more easily.


Consider the Shape of Bathroom for Furniture Placement


Do you bump into the furniture each morning, go back and forth between to collect accessories or to look at your figure in the mirror, standing in the hallway? Your bathroom could be improved, rethinking storage, you will save time each morning. You can also enjoy quietly the bathroom in the evening.


Imagine your bathroom, everything in its place, stacks of neat towels, a neat decor and thoughtful furniture that allows you to move easily without stepping on it.


You have to find out how to organize furniture according to the shape of your bathroom as well as planning tips. Because the position and placement of bathroom furniture is not done lightly between a rectangular and a square bathroom, the layout is not the same.


Design of a Rectangular Bathroom


You have two possibilities, if the width allows, you can install the elements in double. Facing each other, a vanity top with a washbasin or double washbasin and a storage unit or the bathtub/shower area can coexist.


If the width allows to use only one length, one speaks of installation in single. In this case, all the imposing elements will be arranged on a single wall.


Design of a Square Bathroom


All is not allowed but almost! If the room is spacious, why not create a second bathroom in the bathroom? A professional can install a partition to separate the space. It may be possible to position a sink and shower or bath to articulate furniture and storage around. By placing elements against the walls, you will gain space to move from one element to another easily.


Choosing Bathroom Furniture to Save Space


Furniture columns are preferred, as they help you gain storage space in height without taking too much space in depth. Many modern bathrooms offer raised furniture. Fixed on the wall, they have no support on the ground to facilitate cleaning and also to fit the footsteps of children.


Some configurations will leave you little choice and furniture is often created on the same dimensions. If those offered in the trade do not suit you, there is always the possibility of calling upon a carpenter to create one or two pieces of furniture, or even the complete bathroom to precise measurements.


It is sometimes better to go directly through a craftsman than to move to out of standard dimension furniture store. Don’t hesitate to multiply the shelves, as they adapt more easily to dimensional constraints of parts.


Do you have room to install a piece of furniture with an integrated laundry basket for dirty laundry? Go for it! Not only will you gain room space in bathroom, but you will also gain in aesthetics.


Install straight or corner shelves, use baskets to store products, accessories and other items to gain sobriety and decorate your bathroom in the chosen color harmony.


Multiply the drawer storage with small baskets, lockers, compartments, dividers, everything is good for storing and sorting. Everything in its place and it is time saved on cleaning and preparation in the morning. Please, visit SteamSpa to learn about more bathroom furniture and accessories.